Make A Donation

Make A Donation

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Honor your friends and family with a donation in their name to Seattle's Union Gospel Mission! Your loved ones will cherish the joy, hope, and lasting change your gift brings to a child or family depending on the Mission.

Your gift helps someone like Joe overcome homelessness. “The Mission has provided me a stable environment, food, shelter, work therapy, spiritual principles, based on Jesus Christ and Christian beliefs with all the counselors one would need from all walks of life for all ages.”

Your gift is our commitment. Your gift is a sacred trust. We promise to honor your generosity and use your donation in the most effective way possible. The gift options shown reflect Mission programs and the suggested donation amounts are based on the actual cost per person served. Each item is representative of the gift category in which it appears, and donations will be used to provide assistance within that gift category where it is needed most.

Or, give a gift of any amount to make an impact this Christmas. Your generosity will meet urgent needs, and help those who are lost — struggling with homelessness, addiction, and feeling utterly alone and isolated — become found.