Job Training

Job Training

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Job training helps remove barriers to a fresh start. We are committed to meeting men and women where they are and helping them get to the next step. In many cases that “next-step” can be re-learning basic academic skills such as math, English, reading, and computer skills.

Some of our program participants are college-educated and our goal is to help them with resume preparation and job interview skills. By the time a man or woman leaves our recovery program, he or she is poised for employment.

Your gift helps someone like Steven find a new job. 

In 2019, Steven left his job, became homeless, and began using heroin.

"I just know that I wanted to stop using," he said. "I had lost everything: my vehicle, my family, [and] my girlfriend kicked me out. I just didn't want to be there no more."

Seven weeks later, after seeing his life start to spiral, he reached out to the Mission for help. Today, he's celebrating his recovery, working a new job, and giving back to others.

"I help people," he said. "I help people without expecting in return, and that feels pretty good because I've taken for so long."

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