Emergency Impact

Emergency Impact

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Help where it's needed most! You can put your gift to work meeting the most pressing needs of our homeless neighbors. Here are just a few of the ways your gift can be used:

    • Biblical counseling, addiction recovery support, job training, and more
    • Winter survival during a deadly cold snap
    • Nights of safe shelter

Our Search + Rescue teams gear up during storms and severe weather to reach our most vulnerable neighbors on the street. "All my stuff got wet and you guys basically saved my life because I would have frozen the next couple of nights. You gave me blanket, pillows, and clothes. Without you guys I probably would be dead or have gotten pneumonia. I’ve been sleeping because I don’t want to get out of my tent and do anything. You bring us food and blankets that keep us warm. I haven’t had a decent meal in a couple of days, and now all the sudden I have a couple of sandwiches and I love the hot chocolate. Without you guys I would probably have to steal food to eat".

Your gift is our commitment. Your gift is a sacred trust. We promise to honor your generosity and use your donation in the most effective way possible. The gift options shown reflect Mission programs and the suggested donation amounts are based on the actual cost per person served. Each item is representative of the gift category in which it appears, and donations will be used to provide assistance within that gift category where it is needed most.