Counseling & Spiritual Growth

Counseling & Spiritual Growth

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Invest in a man or woman in recovery through a gift of life-changing counseling sessions, life skills education, and Christian discipleship.

Your gift helps people like Kindra find lasting freedom from addiction. As she got her bearings back, she realized what a blessing it is to have three good meals a day, safe shelter, help with her journey toward sobriety, and, most of all, spiritual guidance.

“The Mission is so supportive,” says Kindra. “If you talk to any staff member, they’re ready to stop and pray with you, right then and there. They’re never judgmental. The love you feel there, you know it’s genuine.” 

Our Commitment
Your gift is a sacred trust. We promise to honor your generosity and use your donation in the most effective way possible. The gift options shown reflect Mission programs and the suggested donation amounts are based on actual cost per person served. Each item is representative of the gift category in which it appears, and donations will be used to provide assistance within that gift category where it is needed most.